A collection inspired by to one of British iconic subculture, Mod. 

The term “Mod” comes from modernist, a term used in the 1950s to describe modern jazz. It started in London and eventually evolved into not only music but ground-breaking mod fashions in the 60s. 

Mod fashion is all about brash, creative, and daring, think bright, bold colour often in lovely geometric designs. 


Mod accessories were geometrical and dramatic in proportion eg. earrings were so huge then they had to be clipped on.


Here, it's updated and slight downscale in size. It's Mod 2.0 bespoke pieces ( perfect start for year 2020 ), keeping closely to the culture's iconic geometrical shapes and Mod colours translated via assortment of chunky gems in shapes like squares eg. and candylicious hues .

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All pieces 100% designed & handmade in Singapore

Only 1 piece per design. While stock last.

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