Frida Blossom


A Frida Kahlo inspired collection.

Frida Kahlo’s was an iconic Mexican artist where her works was one of self-exploration. Of the 143 paintings in her life time, she had immortalised her own image in 55 self-portraits, almost one-third of her overall works. This collection aimed to celebrate how unconventional she was in her paintings and personal style, encompassing both native folk art, Surrealism, and vibrant colours.


Her personal appearance was as cleverly creative as her artistry. 

One of her most iconic look apart from her brows, was her braided up-do, often adorned with a clusters of flowers, where this collection will focus on.


Blooming flowers against textured textiles and vibrant hues.

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All pieces 100% designed & handmade in Singapore

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Note: Currently left 14 Pieces available in this collection.

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