| FALL WEAVES 16/17 |

Exploring further into the use of kumihimo knots in key rings/bag charms, pendent, necklace and bracelets. With hues focusing on fall's autumn colour palette of nature's wilting deep warm tones, and pale white cool tones for contrast representing the upcoming year-end winter.


A brief history of kumihimo:

"Kumihimo is the traditional Japanese technique of braiding strands of silk to create intricately coloured cords.

The cords, also called kumihimo, are strong but slender, and have a multitude of uses.

Samurai once used kumihimo as laces for their armor.

The traditional belt of the kimono, the obi, was once bound by a cord of kumihimo called an obijime.

It is an art both culturally significant and beautiful"           www.kumihimo.com

In this collection, kumihimo is modernised with new materials to make them be more durable, chunkier, 

waterproof and more vibrant in colours which made them suitable for daily wear.

Note: To purchase any pieces, please send an email at CONTACT page with item code number ( eg. ARF001),

reservation will be made and payment details will be provided.

All pieces 100% designed & handmade in Singapore

Note: Currently only left 4 Pieces available in this collection.

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