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Overview of latest MAY pieces here :
New pieces will be added over here for first look.

| AROH11| Kerosang Rosé - Pearl 

Kerosang & Peranakan architecture inspired, featuring rose gold center filigree w/ white frosty & silver diamanté and iridescent blue/purple bugle beads. Dangling matching bugle bead w/ white freshwater pearl & rose gold cap.

SGD $89

From  | Ode To Heritage| Collection


| ARBZ70 | Sakura Radiant Bloom

Cherry blossom inspired earrings featuring blush pink sakura with matte pink roses, green & gold beads and center white lustre freshwater pearl. Mid length dangle with rose quartz & jade gemstones.

SGD $99

From | Petals & Bedazzle | Collection


| AROH14 | Majolica Cloisonné - Blue

Kebaya embroidery meets majolica tiles inspired, featuring gold ornate shell center piece with assorted diamanté in sky blue, green & silver. Mid length dangles w/ blue miyuki beads, greenish bugle bead w/ matching blue cloisonné bead end. SGD $89

From | Ode To Heritage | Collection


| ARLG47| Iona Tassel - Turquoise

Long stainless steel chain necklace piece with kumihimo loop braid pendent in vibrant mix of yellow, orange, white & silver featuring center diamanté & double black rings, Dangling turquoise tassel with contrasting bead details. 

SGD $79

From | Luxe Grunge | Collection


| ARBZ69 | Sacremento Cascade

Long sophisticated sparkly earrings featuring metallic rosette in sacremento green & bronze, amazonite gemstones, caramel bronze swarovski crystals, silver cubic zirconia with matching beadwork. Double crystal chain dangle with bejewelled ball ends.

SGD $99

From | Petal & Bedazzle| Collection


| AROH04| Fluttering Radiance - Pearl

Butterfly & spring garden theme earrings featuring miniature gold butterfly, assorted roses in coral pink & gradient purple, aquamarine gemstones & flush green diamanté. Mid length dangle w/ double gold rings and lustre white freshwater pearl.

SGD $89 

From | Ode To Heritage | Collection


| ARBZ71 | Sakura & Fuji Bloom

Sakura theme earrings inspired by cherry blossom & Mt Fuji on a clear blue day featuring center white lustre freshwater pearls, blush pink miniature sakura, sky blue & white diamanté, rose gold bead & diamanté rings. Long dangle w/ blue aquamarine & pink tourmaline gemstones. 

SGD $109

From | Petals & Bedazzle| Collection


| AROH18 | Aurelia Cloisonné - Blue

Regal & luxe earrings featuring gold center diamante flower with minature roses in blue and deep red, silver diamante & matching royal blue toho beads. Gold & silver dangle w/ textured rings, freshwater pearls & blue cloisonné bead end. SGD $99

From | Ode To Heritage | Collection


| ARLG48 | Braided Delight - Regal Maroon

Classic & sleek necklace piece featuring kumihimo braided pendant in rose gold, black, brown & maroon. Sparkly center diamanté ring w/ matching toho beading framing the sides. Stainless steel chains w/ extension chain for adjustable fit. 

SGD $89

From | Luxe Grunge | Collection


| AROH10| Kerosang Gold - Blue

Peranakan brooch/kerosang inspired earrings featuring gold plated center tracery details with touch of green gems, vibrant blue diamanté & gold bugle bead. Dangle with white diamanté ball, matching gold bugle and blue Apatite gemstone. 

SGD $89 | SOLD |

From | Ode To Heritage | Collection

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