Fashion Jewellery Designer from Singapore, London College Of Fashion graduate in BA (Hons ) Fashion Jewellery.


Studied and worked in the fashion field in womenswear in Singapore for a few years before coming to LCF.  Loved fashion, and felt clothes, jewellery, accessories etc are all closely inter-related, the passion and aesthetics are very similar.  


Always loved abit of challenges and fashion, jewellery should not be only for adornment, but a statement about your personality, about our society, and awareness of issues (sustainability) happening around the world.


Every piece of ARIEL.C jewellery represent my journey in moving a small, but a step forward in educating myself about certain issues happening in our society now, and also a journey of self discovery and representing them through mix of old and new techniques in the most sustainable way possible in term of concept or material.







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